UAB Arelija

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UAB Arelija is engaged in the international freight by land transport. The land transport means meet the highest requirements and services are always rendered in a professional, expeditious, and responsible manner.

Carriage of goods is performed under the terms and conditions of the Convention of the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).


We started up its logistics activities from export of the goods from the Baltic States to Western Europe. This strategic trend is one of the most important and strong ones in our activities. We can always offer an optimal version to our partners.

Through increased scope of activities as well as new reliable and responsible partners we have developed continuous transport traffic from Western Europe to the Baltic States and Russia.

Today we render export and import transportation services in all Western Europe and our services characterize for:

  • High quality of services
  • Long-term experience
  • Skilled team
  • Security of cargo safety and supervision
  • Responsible attitude towards business